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Mr. Setzler is founder and owner of Trio Operating Company, Inc. He was educated at Texas A & M University, where he received a BS Degree in Petroleum Engineering and Geological Engineering in May, l958. While in college, he was employed during the summers by Baker & Taylor Drilling Co. of Amarillo as a roughneck in the southeast New Mexico and Panhandle areas of Texas.

Upon graduating from Texas A & M, Mr. Setzler was employed by Halliburton Oil Well Cementing Company as a Field Engineer in Corpus Christi, Texas. During his twenty years of employment with Halliburton, Mr. Setzler served in the capacity of Field Engineer, District Engineer, Assistant Superintendent, District Superintendent, and Division Engineer. While employed by Halliburton, Mr. Setzler worked in the lower Texas Gulf Coast, where he received experience as a Field and District Engineer in the areas of cementing, drilling, completion, stimulation, and testing. Additional experience was gained as a District Engineer and Assistant Superintendent in the Mississippi-Alabama-Florida Area. This experience included deep (23,000 ft), hot-hole & sour gas conditions. Additional engineering experience was gained as the Division Engineer in the Midland Division, where he supervised thirty-three engineers covering a geographical area consisting of the Permian Basin of Texas, all of New Mexico, and portions of Colorado and Utah. He gained experience in management as the District Superintendent for the Wichita Falls District in North Texas.

In September, l978, Mr. Setzler was employed by Stephens Engineering of Wichita Falls, Texas. His responsibilities included the drilling, completion and lease operations for wells drilled and operated in North Texas, South Texas, South Arkansas, and New Mexico. Additionally, he gained experience in waterflood operations and reservoir and property evaluation.

In October, l980, Mr. Setzler formed Trio Operating Company, Inc., where his primary responsibilities are as a Consulting Petroleum Engineer and President of the company. He is a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers of AIME, a Registered Professional Engineer in the state of Mississippi and served as the 1996-1998 President of the North Texas Oil & Gas Association (now the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers. Additionally, Mr. Setzler has served on the Energy Resources Committee of the Interstate Oil & Gas Compact Commission. In November, 1997 he served a two year term on the Board of Governors of IPAA. He has recently served on the Texas Region Producers Advisory Group of the Petroleum Technology Transfer Council (PTTC) and on the Board of Directors of “The Texas Alliance of Energy Producers”.